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Licenses & accreditation

Reig Jofre becomes sole shareholder of Geadic Biotech, company owner of GynEC®-DX rights – May 31st, 2016 (10:45) [continue reading]

GynEC®-DX rights

The rights of GynEC®-DX belong to GEADIC Biotech AIE, whose sole shareholder is Reig Jofre.

Robust patent portfolio

GynEC®-DX has a strong patent portfolio with patents approved in the European Union, USA and China since 2015.

Clinical laboratory

GynEC®-DX analysis is currently performed at Atrys Health laboratory (Barcelona). The shift towards the commercialization of test kits to other authorized laboratories is underway.


GynEC®-DX is distributed by Reig Jofre in Spain. We are looking for international partners to commercialize GynEC®-DX in the remaining part of the world.