First Ph.D. thesis on GynEC®-DX

The Dr. Raquel Sanz Baro (Fundación Jímenez Díaz) has defended this Monday the first PhD thesis on GynEC®-DX.

On September 12, Dr. Raquel Sanz Baro, a specialist in oncology gynecology at Fundación Jiménez Díaz University Hospital, defended her thesis untitled “Phase IV study of the endometrial cancer molecular diagnostic test GynEC®-DX on insufficient or not conclusive samples“. Her work, co-directed by Drs. Francisco Javier Plaza Arranz and María Jesús Fernández Aceñero, was carried out through a multicenter study involving the Jiménez Díaz Fundation and the hospitals Nuestra Señora de La Candelaria (Tenerife), Alvarez-Buylla (Mieres), del Henares (Madrid), Infanta Elena (Madrid).

The aim of the study was to evaluate the role of the molecular test in the diagnosis of endometrial cancer on samples of endometrial aspirates classified as insufficient or inconclusive in the anatomopathological study. Ninety patients with insufficient or inconclusive endometrial aspirate samples were recruited, who underwent the GynEC®-DX test. A conclusive molecular result was obtained in 89% of cases in which the pathologist could not obtain a diagnosis by histological analysis. The amount of specimen required is less than that required for histological diagnosis. The high negative predictive value of GynEC®-DX allows the avoidance of invasive diagnostic methods in a large number of patients and represents a saving for the public health system.