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Interested in offering GynEC®-DX endometrial cancer test?

GynEC®-DX is currently marketed in Spain using a central laboratory business model. The shift towards the commercialization of test kits to clinical laboratories is underway. 

If you are interested in opportunities to partner with Reig Jofre in Spain or internationally, please use our contact form and a GynEC®-DX representative will respond.


General requirements

Clinical laboratory with:

– Trained personal

– Low Copy & High Copy spaces

– Computing equipment with LIMS

– Basic laboratory equipment

– Roche Cobas z 480 analyzer


Licensee Implementation process

The use of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and specific GynEC®-DX SOPs are necessary to insure full sample traceability. Results integrity requires independent dedicated laboratory spaces for pre-PCR and post-PCR activities. Equipment includes general laboratory equipment, PCR plate centrifuge and a Roche Cobas z 480 analyzer.

The diagram below shows the overall implementation process to guide you until having GynEC®-DX commercially ready at your laboratories.

Training flow